[BlogEntry] I Am The Earl of Sandwich

With acknowledgement to Salt Hill Pub of Lebanon, NH, which prompted the idea:

  1. Start with a wrap. It's important to make it a wrap.
  2. Add 1-2 slices of roast beef.
  3. Ready for secret number one? A couple of slices of salami. (Salt Hill used pepperoni).
  4. No cheese.
  5. Ready for secret #2? Instead of mustard or mayo or horseradish, try spinach and artichoke hummus.
  6. Wrap tight.
  7. Eat.

    It is surprisingly delicious. I'm leaving out the cheese because that tends to make it too thick and dry in the middle and it doesn't wrap as well. The whole sandwich came about as a quick lunch to take to work, which implies small and portable. A nice wrap, wrapped in aluminum foil, transports quite nicely.

    Try it, it's quite good.