[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars May 15, 2007 : Who Got Kicked Off?

Big semi-final week, with scores of 60-60-59-58. I bet Apollo feels pretty dumb saying that he's aiming to be the first person to score 60, and not only doesn't he do it, but two other people do it in the same night.

Here's some trivia. This weekend, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on tv. Know who plays cousin Angelo in that movie? Joey Fatone. He even gets to dance a bit.

This week Joey is the first to be safe, and then Laila, so it's down to Apollo and Ian. The obvious guess is Ian. He made a valiant comeback, but he's not as strong a performer as the others.

You know, when the musical guest (Julio Inglesias) just sings and there's no dancing, I think we're pushing it a bit. I think that the combination of a musical guest with a dancing demonstration is absolutely brilliant, combining the best of several worlds into something that is completely unique on television today. But then they go and fall into a pattern — sing an old song that everybody knows (Let Me Be Your Hero), and then sing something to promote your new album. Which would be fine, except why wasn't anybody dancing during the second number? Lame.

The flamenco (am I spelling that right?) demonstration looked….weird. I swear it looked like a bunch of guys in an ethnic neighborhood sitting around on the front steps banging on the side of the house while a guy in his pimpsuit pretended to be Michael Flatley Lord of the Dance. I guess it just wasn't for me.

And after 25 minutes of filler and 30 seconds of payoff, Ian goes home as it should be. Everybody's happy. He got his 10s.