[BlogEntry] How To Be A Great Dad

Nope, not something I wrote, something I'm linking to. Perhaps even more interesting than the article itself is the political correctness battle being waged in the comments. How DARE he say that dad should help out mom, what's he from the 1950's? Doesn't he know that all households require that both parents share all housework equally at all times? And god help him for saying that when Dad has the kids it's "babysitting". Duck, man, duck!

The list, though, is a good one and worth reading. People say "obvious", but as a general rule, people *always* say that whenever somebody makes a list.

If I had to add one it would be, "If you want a job for your children done right, do it yourself." I painted both my daughters' bedrooms, as well as the footstools they use to climb into bed (my dad made the stools themselves). I could have bought something, or hired someone. I didn't. Not because I'm cheap, and certainly not because I like to paint. And by "right" I don't mean that the quality of my paint job was better than a professional. I mean that these were things for my children, and I did them myself rather than throwing some money at the problem and having a stranger do it. Maybe it's a silly little thing, but it's important to me because I think it's important to them.