[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars May 8, 2007 : Who Got Kicked Off?

As we wind these shows down to the big finale, it's almost not worth recapping every little instance. The highlight this week should have been the presence of Muhammad Ali to cheer on his daughter Laila, but they really didn't make that much of a deal about it. Probably because the man can barely stand any longer. Billy Ray was the most excited of all, running over to shake his hand during the middle of a performance.

The other big note was Bruno calling Billy Ray's performance crap. That pissed him off like I've never seen before. Billy Ray's got a good point, that is pretty rude. Karina said it best, "Every week I tell Billy Ray to take what the judges say, and try to work on something to improve on the next time. But what can you do with crap?"

It's apparently an omen, however, as Billy Ray finally goes home. It was a little scary there when Joey, rather than Ian, also made it to the bottom two. What does that say about the fanbase? I thought for sure that Ian would be the next one (after Billy Ray). Maybe Cheryl's got the fanbase to carry them both.

Oh, and how weird did Nellie Furtado sound? I always thought she was nasal, but it sounded like she was doing a satire of herself tonight. Yuck.