[BlogEntry] American Idol : For My Lady Love

Remember Sherman Pore? He was the 60-something who auditioned for American Idol in memory of his "lady love", Melissa, who had passed away from ovarian cancer just days before the auditions began. He came bearing a petition to help him get past the age restrictions. He didn't make it to the show, of course, but he did get a chance to sing on national television and tell his story.

Well, he's going to get a little more than that. He's just finished his CD, entitled appropriately enough For My Lady Love, a collection of classic love songs. Part of the proceeds will go to City of Hope's program for cancer research. Good for him. The man's a class act all the way. Even in the interviews he's still saying, "My appearance on 'American Idol,' this album, and all the money it will raise for City of Hope to fight cancer – these are all Melissa's accomplishments.""

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