[BlogEntry] Scrubs Quotes : My Turf War

Am I the only one who thinks that Turk has been a bit of a jerk lately? In Their Story he just decided for himself, without ever consulting the patient, that her surgery was a bad idea and then he went about trying to stop it, including going over The Todd's head without a second thought. And then this week it's one thing that he's having fun with Dr. Cox to prove a point, but then he goes and ruins it with that whole "Don't mess with me ever" stuff. Not liking this new side of his character at all.

Come on Elliot, let me just borrow it for a couple of days, I promise I'll bring it back.
  No, I need it.  Now go. Whenever he goes away he always wants to take my tushy.
    He should just do what I did when we were dating, wait until you fall asleep naked and then take a picture of it.
  Did you actually do that?
    No.  (It's my screensaver!)

I have chest tinglies.
  Lloyd, you're 40 years old and you're a delivery man so you should be suffering from a pretty severe case of the where-did-I-go-wrongsies.

Welcome to Turk's Booty Breakdown.

Booya!  Busdriver us home.

Why don't people dance the Bus Driver anymore?
  Because it's not a real dance.
For us honkies it's a very important dance.

I was the tramp, ya old bitch!
  Liking her.

Why does this bedsheet have two holes in it?
  That's on me.  Sometimes at night I haunt pediatrics.

You on the other hand, you're just not formidable enough to have ever earned my respect.  I don't even know why I'm speaking to you.  In fact, I'm going to stop speaking right in the middle of whatever I'm…

Hey, weren't we in an airband together?

Does heart trouble run in your family?
  Well my uncle was shot in the heart.

Besides, I'm only picking on the tonsil cases.  The spoiled ones who get ice cream with every meal.  You know what I had to eat when I had my tonsils out?
Hot coffee and granola bars. Hot and scratchy!

I'm a little tired, I was up all night learning to rollerblade.  I want the ghost to be a little more glidey.

Nice drink, does it come in hetero?

Elliott's running a little late, you want to play darts or maybe sing showtunes?
  (Don't say showtunes, it's a trap!)
I guess we could makeout.
  (Wait, what now?)

Did I get drunk last night and send you an email asking for your opinion about what I did?
  I don't know.  I didn't check.

What horrible thing did Turk do to piss you off in the first place?
  He asked me to occasionally toss him a good surgery.

I don't got change for that.
  He doesn't got change, that's how he says that. 

You know what Frank, I'm gonna do it.  One hundred dollars for an appletini that was quite frankly light on the tini.

Elliott, will you marry me?
  No way!
    (Yup.  Such is life.)


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