[BlogEntry] Those surreal conversations again

Katherine, telling me about her day at school.

"Daddy, I painted under a table at school today."

?? "You mean you painted on a table?"

"Yah, I painted under the table."

"Are you saying under or on? You mean on a table?"

"No, under."

"Well that's silly, how do you paint under a table?"

"You take your paper and your paints, and you put them on the floor and you lay down on your stomach so that your feet stick out the end, and then you paint Chinese."

Well, that sentence took an interesting turn right there are at the end. "You painted Chinese?"

"Yes I did."

"Chinese letters? Which characters did you paint?"

"No, silly, not letters. I just painted a chinese building."

"What's a chinese building look like?" She begins flailing her painting hand around in space, as if I can imagine what she's trying to visualize for me. "How do you know what Chinese buildings look like?"

"I learned it from watching tv."

"What show taught you that?" Then it hit me. "Ohh! Sagwa, the Siamese Cat, right? You saw Chinese buildings on that show?"

"Yeah, Sagwa showed me."

Mystery solved. Thought I would like to see what her Chinese building looks like.