[BlogEntry] Opera Mini Browser on the Motorola V360

Opera Mini is quite easily the best browser out there for small mobile devices.  I've just installed the newest version on my v360 with no difficulties at all.  It's such a treat to work with an interface that's actually designed for the phone right from the start, and not to constantly have to remember whether to press the 5 button, or select, or menu or what.

I continue to be quite pleased by my purchase.  I've got a great browser now.  I can read my gmail.  Plus, I use it as an image wallet instead of constantly rotating through pictures in my regular wallet and getting them all creased and faded.  And hey, who cares about the backlash over customized ring tones, I like being able to use any mp3 I want.  Beats yet another techno-mix.

Coming soon:  I've also sent some video podcasts directly to the phone, so now whenever we've got some time to kill with the kids I can let them watch episodes of Dora, Diego and Blue's Clues without having to carry around my iPod.  When I get directions setup for how to do that, I'll post.