[BlogEntry] Dancing with the Stars : Nov 1 Elimination

Quick and simple, Monique goes home this week. It was pretty obvious, really. Mayyybe there was a slim chance for Emmitt (but look at the following he obviously has!) or even Joey, who was in the bottom two a few weeks back. Shame, really, but at least she went out on a good note. The stuff she was doing was pretty hard. And she got her 10s.

But did she have to be so annoying in the confessional booth? I deserved a 10 for my stage dive! I deserved a 10 for my backward flippy thingie! I deserved a ten for squeezing myself into this dress! I got my 10 this week but I don't care no mo!

Right now Mario is well ahead of everybody else, if you go entirely on judges scoring and entertainment value. But it's at this point that fanbase is the most important. It's quite possible that Emmitt could knock one of the others out.