[BlogEntry] So, The Rock is downstairs.

Got a message on the company email yesterday that there's going to be a movie filming on our street and in the building next store, so be prepared for the traffic and detours and so on.  Turns out that this movie is The Game Plan, starring The Rock.  How cool is that?  I wandered downstairs today for lunch (nice that it is 60+ degrees outside) and yeah, they're shooting a movie all right.  Just like you see…well, in the movies. Lots of big spotlights, and people carrying around what look like posterboards with tinfoil on them.  We can't get anywhere near the action, of course, but the crowds are positioned so that you can get a glimpse.  I didn't get to see him (yet), but apparently others have, as I heard some conversation like "Can you see him?  He's sitting in the front seat of the car.  There, he just got out, that's him…"

What reaallllllly annoys me is that according to the trivia for the movie, just last week they were filming in my own hometown!  Argh. The Rock was wandering around my home town and I missed it.  That's annoying.  Surely that would have merited a sick day from work.  After all you can hardly expect North Andover to draw the same sort of crowd that downtown Boston does.

Didn't he just make a football movie?

Update: It's funny how different audiences see things. I'm in a meeting, there's a pause while we wait for some people, and I toss out, "So, did anybody go downstairs to see The Rock? He's shooting a movie."

Lady across the table looks interested, but kind of shrugs off the reference with, "I don't know who that is. Who else is in it?"

"Kyra Sedgewick," I say.

"Oh my god I love her!" she says, and begins chatting excitedly with the woman next to her about this woman's movies.

All I know about Kyra Sedgewick is that she's Kevin Bacon's wife, and I sat across the row from her on a plane once. One of those moments to kick yourself, because the entire flight I kept wondering, "Is that Kyra Sedgewick?" but not having the guts to ask. She was with two kids. Getting off the plane she even had trouble with her luggage and I should have been a gentleman and offered to help lug it, but I didn't. I think I assumed that when she walked off the plane there'd be people waiting for her or something. Instead I went home, went online and looked her up, and sure enough that was her – the description of the two kids matched perfectly. So now I tell people that my Kevin Bacon number is 2. 🙂


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