[BlogEntry] Ah, sisterly love.

The girls are now playing that game where they get to "be" everyone. You know, when watching the Macy's Parade and seeing a dance number and they take turns saying, "I'm the purple one!" or "I'm the pink one!"

So last night we're reading a Beauty and the Beast princess story, starring Belle. "I'm Belle," says Elizabeth (who is 2, for those that don't usually follow along).

"Daddy," whispers Katherine (4), "I'll be Belle too. But don't tell Elizabeth, she doesn't think that both of us can be Belle."

"You not Belle!" shouts Elizabeth, who obviously heard.

"Who can Katherine be?" I ask, trying to be peacemaker not simply because I'm physically in the middle of them.

"I Belle!" says Elizabeth. "Katherine, you can be the Beast!"

Ah, love. Elizabeth finds this hysterical, Katherine not so much.