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I ended up switching back to Tivo. The comcast DVR is the pits, especially if you're switching from something as nice as Tivo. Besides, the new Tivo HD boxes are so cheap now.

You'll switch back when you click through 10 menus to record a show. Also, trying to fast forward though commercials you'll find you can't "time it" correctly because the box doesn't respond fast enough.

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I love this song!! OMG It rocks!

[BlogEntry] How Awesome is Tivo?

And by that I mean the company.  I've upgraded to HD finally, but rather than invest all that money in a new TV and a several more hundred in a new Tivo unit, I decided to give the Comcast DVR service a shot.  Well, I have two Tivo units so I called up to cancel the one that would no longer be in use.  It was a long wait to talk to the first person, who then said "Hang on and I'll transfer you up" and another long wait, and I was beginning to get frustrated at how difficult they make it.  No amount of "Hey you can avoid the wait by going online" helps when they don't offer you a deactivate option online.

But then the lady gets on the phone and asks me why I'm cancelling.  I explain that I'm trying out the Comcast service, can't really afford to invest in a new box right now, and to tell you the truth I'll probably be back in 6 months. 

"How about we don't bill you for the next 6 months while you try it out?" she says.


I like Tivo.