[Comment] Re: Wait….the same stingrays that I swam with?

I just noticed that when speaking of Steve Irwin, my google ads fill up with Crocodile Hunter merchandise. That's actually pretty morbid, since I don't think that happened before he died. People capitalizing on his death. Sad.
I even see "Stingray Leather Jewelry."

[BlogEntry] Rockstar Supernova 9/7 Results : Now, I'm Mad.

I now fully believe that Lukas is set to win the whole thing, and I'm not pleased about it.

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[Comment] Re: Wait….the same stingrays that I swam with?

Stats I heard were that there were 3 stingray deaths in Australia in the last 100 years – and 17 worldwide. So no, this wasn't a REALLY dangerous thing – it was a weird fluke. The odds that it could hit him in a fatal place were astronomical. Apparently he pulled the barb out on camera, as if to make one of his classic "No sweat" type statements before they realized what really happened. Pretty sad. 🙁