[BlogEntry] I got spam from Jesus today.

Today in my inbox is some spam from Jesus. I don't know if that means that Jesus is evil, or if spam is ok now.

He has a message for me. That message is, "that a wall, just of laughing, but the me go ahead, of whatever you."

I have no idea what it means. But I'm thinking about sending it off to the White House, since our beloved president has mentioned in the past that Jesus speaks to him.

Maybe that's it — maybe Bush just got the same spam I did. Jesus doesn't want you to invade Iraq, George. He wants you to buy Levitra.

[Comment] Re: Rockstar Supernova 9/7 Results : Now, I'm Mad.

thats right, when i say fag, i actually do know gay guys way more masculine than him. he gives them a bad name and they are calling HIM a fag.

[Comment] Re: Rockstar Supernova 9/7 Results : Now, I'm Mad.

Wow, "talentless fag". Harsh words….but a possible acurate assessment. He does appear to be a bit effeminant. Vast difference from the testosterone slinging frontmen of the SN members previous bands. Not to attack Lucas personally, but Dilana is more masculine….and talented for that matter. I think Magni or Toby would have been much better choices for these guys if they really wanted a frontman. Luke is probably great on the Toronto bar scene but I don't thimk he can carry these guys……and make no mistake, he WILL need to carry them. At least Magni's maturity would have off set Tommy Lee's immense immaturity. Tommy, your 43 yrs old and a parent. It's cool to enjoy rock music and perform….but act like your mature enough to handle life. Jason Newstead is the only real talent here and at least he acts his age.

[Comment] Re: Rockstar Supernova Final Results : The Winner is….

His voice is amazing?!?! You mean that grumble-screetch sound? Please.

[Comment] Re: Rockstar Supernova 9/7 Results : Now, I'm Mad.

want to let lukas know what a pc or crap he is, goog search "torontoist lukas" this is a place where canadians kiss his talent free ass because he is from canada.I THINK HIM AND CROWD READ IT please let them know how ashamed they should be of this poser. being canadian doesn't matter, when you are a talentless fag.

[BlogEntry] Where's she getting this vocabulary?

Katherine has started school again. I wonder if that has anything to do with her new vocabulary. Last night we're picking up toys so that we can watch a movie and she tells me, "Daddy? Here's what I propose. We pick up the toys, then we put on our pjs, then we can watch the movie."

Here's what I propose??

Later that night when deciding whether to finish watching a movie we'd started the other night (The Last Unicorn, which claims to be rated G but was way too scary and violent) or a new one from Tivo (The Aristocats) she tells me, "I don't want to dilly dally and be all over the place. I think we should finish watching the movie we're in the middle of before we start a new one."

Okey dokey then.

Even Elizabeth is getting better with the sentences, coming out with stuff like "Byebye school, see you next week."
Speaking of Elizabeth, I'm not sure if this was coincidence or a glimpse at a very sneaky child, but last night while picking up the kitchen, the kids were picking up the toys and Elizabeth was not helping. I could hear Katherine telling her to help and Elizabeth getting more and more upset as she said no. Finally she comes into the kitchen where I am and says, "Daddy put me timeout."

"No," I said, "Because you just want to get out of cleaning up the toys. Get back in there, sneaky."