[BlogEntry] Betting on Toy Futures : TMX Elmo

Ok, the new Elmo is out, and there's video available for what he does. Basically you keep tickling him until he does the robotic equivalent of peeing himself. Think I'm kidding? Watch the video…

It's interesting from a robotics perspective. The hand slapping is stupid looking, but the ingenuity of having him bend forward and then whip himself backward as a way of falling over is neat. He doesn't look especially cuddly, but none of the robotic toys do. I can't see my kids insisting on carrying Elmo around with them when we go places.

However, that can't stop one from asking the question of whether to buy TMX Elmo anyway. Will this be the next big thing? Will he be selling for $2000 on eBay come Christmas time? Is $40 now a good investment? It's an interesting call. I could buy two of them now, and then if they skyrocket in price, sell them before the holidays, and if they don't, just give them to the kids. Decisions, decisions. (Actually I see that they're already long gone at $40, Amazon is selling them in the shops for a minimum of $100. I guess that answers that question!)