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LOL. Do you even listen to rock music? Lukas and Dilana were the only 2 real hard rock singers on the entire show; the rest were a mish-mash of weak-assed american idol-style pop singers and rock-singer wannabes.

Another point here: have you ever heard of GnR, Metallica, or the Crue? Notice something? Those are some pretty hard bands … hence Lukas and Dilana in the final 2.

That Lukas won (which every rock fan in their right mind knew was going to happen from the very first show on) only proves that you guys are retards. Sure, Supernova wants to sell records while perhaps maintaining a shred of dignity–and you can't do that with a chick singer (check rock sales charts for the past 50 years … proof is in the pudding. And don't you fucking dare say "what about evanessence," since that's not rock. That's guitar-inflected pop.).

Lukas wins. Fuck you all. Goodnight.

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I would have gone to a Supernova concert if the band was led by Toby, Dilana, Magni, or Storm. I can't believe they picked Lukas. You can't even hear what he is saying half of the time. He is not marketable or entertaining. Big Mistake!!!!

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I may be the insane one, but for the entire run of the show you're the only one thus far that's claimed to be a Lukas fan.
Everybody keeps telling me there are "many many" of them, but surely if they outnumbered the Dilana fans then they would be flooding the blogs and message boards to defend their man. And that just didn't happen.

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Lucas sucks!

Prancy little priss pot ought to have his ass kicked.

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You are totally insane. Lukas is phenominal with Tommy and the gang and was by far the best choice. Further, most fans have been voting and asking for him, not Dilana, who has neither the poise not the talent to front this band.

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[BlogEntry] Rockstar Supernova Final Results : The Winner is….

No surprises, no anticipation, because we don't care anymore. Lukas wins. I guess the fix was in from the beginning. Nobody buys it. Tommy Lee even gave a lengthy "We have to listen to our fans" speech, which for the briefest moment made me think they'd actually pick Dilana, since the fans have only ever asked for her, not for Lukas.

So go to hell, Supernova, or whatever you're forced to change your name to now that you lost that lawsuit. You picked the wrong guy, and you made it obvious that it was a fix. I think even the band knew how blatant it was, as both Gilby and Dave Navarro immediately threw themselves at Dilana's feet for her next album. Not only did she get the Marty prize (come "play with the house band", not even "open for us"), but Gilby said he'd write her next album and Dave said "I'll play too, if you'll have me."

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