[BlogEntry] Dancing With The Stars Sept 26 : Len goes nuts!

I'm not really going to have the time or energy to recap every episode of the show this season. Mostly because I just don't really have any favorites. None of these people mean anything to mean, they're carbon copies of previous seasons. Jerry Springer is fun to cheer for, especially with that whole "I want to reach the waltz level because I want to dance with my daughter at her wedding" thing, but how's he doing anything that George Harrison and John O'Hurley didn't already do?

But this week it got good. Mario Lopez, intent once again on "entertaining" the audience in a way that apparently does not involve ballroom dancing, breaks the rules by breaking hold in the middle of the tango, and Len just lays the smackdown on him. "You're off your head!" he says to him. "Which one of you had that idea? It was fine up until then but when you broke in the middle it was done for me." Carrie Ann even goes so far as to say "You'll go farther in this competition if you follow the rules." Carrie and Bruno both give an 8 with the comment, "It should have been a 10." Len is too pissed to speak and just serves up a 6.

But then Joey Lawrence goes and does the same thing, complete with a lift and a random handstand in the middle. Len tells him that he's "going all Mario" and Joey also ends up with a 6 for his trouble.

That was the most fun of the night. Look for Sara Evans to get the encore dance, since putting her in a cowboy hat and boots loosened her up enough to get a good dance out of her. She jokes that each week she'll wear a different cowboy hat, which I'd actually like to see. Look for Willa to be gone, because even though she's actually one of the better dancers, the audience just doesn't seem to like her. Her interview where she said "I'm working so hard" about 15 times does not help her personality, though.

[BlogEntry] Men from Maine

Heard this joke on the radio this morning and it bears repeating. Apparently it's a repeat, as they said "New episodes begin next week." But I'd never heard it.

Three people are out on a hunting trip. Dot is at camp while Bob and Dan have gone off into the woods. Suddenly two shots ring out! After a few minutes, Dan enters the camp dragging an 8point buck behind him.

"Great shot, Dan!" says Dot.

"Bad news!" says Dan, "I accidentally shot Bob."

"What? And you left him out there in the woods, bleeding, just so you could bring the buck back?"

"Well," says Dan, "It was a tough decision. But then I figured, nobody's gonna try to steal Bob."