[Comment] Re: Grease : You're The One That I Want

Hi Karen,

You might want to check out this page: http://www.nbc.com/Grease/vote/register.shtml

I believe that voting is only live through Sunday nights for a few hours after the show.

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I want to vote for number 12 if its not to late to do so. Five of my friends would like to vote for her too.

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Will our votes count?

[BlogEntry] Parent Hack : Teaching "times"

It's funny how words work when you're 4 years old. You understand that "plus" means addition and "minus" means "take away". But "times" already meant something, it means repeating something some number of times, but when you say something like "three times five", it makes no sense. You wouldn't say to a person "I spun in a circle times three."

So as I teach Katherine her multiplication I've simply switched it to the end of the sentence. Instead of asking her "three times five" I ask her what "five three times" is. This is far more intuitive, she understands that "five three times" means "five and five and five". She can do that math.

I have no idea how to explain division yet. All I've got in my head is that old clip from the Beverly Hillbillies of Jethro talking about his "gazintas". Two gazinta four two times, two gazinta six three times, two gazinta eight four times…. 🙂

[BlogEntry] Romney is officially in the race

So now it's "official", Mitt Romney is running for president. I think that Massachusetts feels about Romney the same way that New York feels about Giuliani (hint, it's not good).

Luckily, there's an easy way to make sure that Romney never gets anywhere with the Republican party. Every time he has a public appearance, somebody raise their hand and say, "Umm, yeah, weren't you governor in Massachusetts when they decided to legalize gay marriage?"


[BlogEntry] Five More Things To Do With A Laptop And No Net Connection

(I should set something up so that posts on my other blogs show up here, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Seems spammy – if the audience for blog A wants to hear about B and C then I wouldn't need three different blogs, would I?)

But then there are times when I'd like to think a post is useful to all my audiences. Over on Commute Smarter I've got Five (More) Things To Do With A Laptop And No Net Connection. This comes on the heels of a popular post that went around the blogs last week about what to do with your PC when your net connection is down, and included things like taking it apart to clean out the dust. Well, I have about 20-30 minutes every day on the train with my laptop, so I can't really take the thing apart. But that doesn't mean I haven't found ways to keep myself busy!