[BlogEntry] Anna Nicole Smith's Body

The courtroom circus continues as everyone ever involved in Anna Nicole Smith's life fights not just for custody of the baby, but The trial">where Smith's body should be buried. The boyfriend Howard K. Stern (you always have to say the K, otherwise people think she was hooked up with the radio guy) wants her buried in the Bahamas, next to her son. The mother, who Smith did not talk to for years, wants her back in Texas.

Honestly – is there anyone who thinks that the mother has any claim here? The most that the mother's lawyer can muster for an argument is "since the dawn of time, next of kin have been given the rights and responsibilities to bury their dead." Meanwhile, Stern can provide witnesses and paperwork proving that the son is buried in the Bahamas, that Smith has a plot next to him, and that she said that is what she wanted. Seems open and shut to me. Why isn't the mother fighting to have her grandson's remains moved to Texas as well? She probably couldn't find a news crew interested in that.

On a related note, the security surrounding the people tasked with handling the body has been tighter than it was for the Saddam Hussein hanging. I guess we'll have to keep waiting for YouTube video.