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LOL that is too cute!! Happy Valentine's Day!

[BlogEntry] The new word of the day is…

"What did you do at school today, Katherine?"

"We learned how to make birds."

"That sounds fun. How do you make a bird?"

"Well you take a piece of paper, and then you make a heart. You fold it in half to make a bird, and then you take the scissors and you cut the honkin wings."

"I'm sorry, you do what?" Did she saw "hawking" or something?

"You cut the honkin wings with your scissors." Sounds like "honking". How odd.

"The what kind of wings?"

"Honkin, daddy. The honkin wings."

"Oh. What are honkin wings?"

"You know, when you make the heart, and then you cut it down the middle to make the wings and you put the wings on the side, and then you cut them some more if they're honkin."

"Sweetie what does honkin mean?"

"Big big big big."

Well, duh. "The big honkin wings." It actually makes perfect sense, it just never would have dawned on me that she'd use a word like that.