[BlogEntry] American Idol 3/21 Results : Who got kicked off?

Well, Lulu sang To Sir With Love for me. Dear God she killed it. I'm going to pretend that didn't happen, and just go back to enjoying the original.

Surprising results this week as the Phil, Sanjaya, Haley and Gina are all safe, and it's Chris R and Stephanie in the bottom 2. Stephanie was one of the strongest since the beginning but "lost her edge" according to the judges. Chris, meanwhile, is generic and dull, but had his best week last night. Neither one probably deserved to go before somebody like Sanjaya.

Stephanie goes home. It's probably for the best, and I think she knew it. Nobody was saying "Melinda, Lakisha and Stephanie".

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[BlogEntry] Giving The Buddha A Bath

In this case it's The Great Buddha of Nara, a statue in Japan almost 50ft tall and weighing 500 tons. He is cleaned once a year by 230 priests, all dressed in white, who climb all over him and carry away dust by the bucketful.

Make sure to read the comments, the first one from a guy laughing about Buddha as "god" and the rest of the comments smacking him down for his ignorance of Buddhism.