[BlogEntry] Elizabethan Grammar

And by that I mean the grammar of my 2.5 yr old, Elizabeth. My Shakespeare friends are gonna kill me :).

Elizabeth feels that the word "windy" is similar to the word "cold". Thus, where you might say "I'm cold" on a particularly cold day, Elizabeth would say "I'm windy" on a windy day.

She also knows that when she says this, the nearest grown up will tend to say, "It is a little windy." However, it is often "Not too windy."

She does not, however, grasp the concept of past tense. "I'm windy" could mean right now, or it could mean yesterday. This was particluarly noticeable the week after trying to get pictures taken with Santa where she would tell me every morning, "Santa's not scaring me." In other words, "I was not scared of Santa."

Today, during our fabulous 60 degree day in early January, I took the kids to the park. When we came home and Kerry asked Elizabeth how it was, she replied, "I'm too a little windy!"

[BlogEntry] A Christian, a Muslim and a Buddhist all go to Congress…

Normally I don't blog politics, but I think this story's got a punch line that's right up my alley. You may have heard the who big issue with Rep Keith Ellison (D-MN) taking his oath on a Quran instead of a Bible. Even better, it was a Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson. This made big news because Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) made a big stink over it, saying that if you're gonna swear in on a book, it should be the Bible. Even though the Constitution clearly says "no religious test shall be required", in other words you can't make somebody swear on a religious text. (Technically the official swearing in is done with no book at all — the issue is about what book they use for the traditional photo opportunity that happens after the fact).

Anyway, what's the punchline again? It's done, it's over, he swore in, the world didn't end. What I like about the story is Rep Mazie Hirono, one of two Buddhists to be sworn in during this election, opted not to have a book at all, saying "Whatever happened to the separation of Church and State?"

Love it.