[Comment] Guy Love Lyrics

Let’s face the facts about me and you
A love unspecified
Though I’m proud to call you chocolate bear
The crowd will always talk and stare

I feel exactly those feelings too
And that’s why I keep them inside
‘Cause this bear can’t bare the world to stare
And sometimes it’s easier to hide
Than explain our

Guy love
That’s all it is
Guy love
He’s mine I’m his
There’s nothing gay about it in our eyes
You ask me about this thing we share
And he tenderly replies
It’s guy love
Between two guys

We’re closer than the average man and wife
That’s why our matching bracelets say Turk and JD
You know I’ll stick by you for the rest of my life
You’re the only man who’s every been inside of me
Whoa I just took out his appendix
There’s no need to clarify
Oh no?
Just let it grow more and more each day
It’s like I married my best friend
But in a totally manly way
Let’s Go!

It’s guy love
Don’t compromise
The feeling of some other guy
Holding up your heart into the sky
I’ll be there to care through all the lows
I’ll be there to share the highs
It’s guy love
Between two guys
And when I say ‘I love you Turk’
It’s not what it implies
It’s guy love
Between two guys

[BlogEntry] Well, yes, and about that meteor…

"Daddy, are there still dinosaurs today?"

"No sweetie, they're all gone."

"Where did they all go?"

"That's a very good question. Nobody really knows. Just one day they weren't here anymore."

"Maybe they went up to Heaven."

"Hmmm, that could be. Very interesting idea. They might have all gone up to Heaven, I'd never really thought about it."

"Then I'm never going in there! I'd be too scared with all those dinosaurs running around, they would eat me."

"Oh, no, I don't think they the dinosaurs run around. I think they put a big fence around them and then you can go see them, like at the zoo"

"But Daddy," says Katherine, "What if they *didnt*?"

[BlogEntry] Dancing With The Stars : Season 4

Update Mar 20, 2007: The Season Premiere is upon us!
Update Feb 21, 2007 : The official cast list is out!

Let's see how we did:

  • Laila Ali? Athlete. Check.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus? Country singer. Check.
  • Heather Mills? I guess she qualifies as model. Did you know she's only got one leg? And, yes, people are already asking her if her fake one might go flying during the dancing. Oy, I'm ashamed of people.
  • Clyde Drexler? Athlete. Basketball. I see him as more Evander Holyfield than Emmit Smith.
  • Joey Fatone? Boyband. Check.
  • Shandi Finnessey? Beauty queen (Shannon Moakler?)
  • Leeza Gibbons? Talk show host (Lisa Rinna)
  • Paulina Porizkova? Model again, but also in the has-been category ala Rachel Hunter and Tia Carrere unless anybody can tell me what she's doing lately.
  • Ian Ziering? What shall we call him, heart throb? Mario Lopez's spot? He's a little past his prime for that though, no?
  • Vincent Pastore? From the Sopranos. He could either be the goofball act that goes home the first night, or he could be the charismatic older gentleman that the audience keeps around for awhile.
  • Apolo Anton Ohno? Another athlete. He's a speedskater, in case you've never heard of him.

As always, the definition of "stars" nose dives each season. I like to look at lists like this and figure out who my wife will recognize. She'll recognize the 90210 guy, and Leeza Gibbons. Maybe Billy Ray Cyrus, if he's who I'm thinking of (Achy Breaky Heart?) and they play that song a lot. That's about it. Three out of ten.

TMZ.com is reporting that they know the cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 4.  It's not official yet, but last time I posted a rumored cast it was pretty much dead on.  What I think is funny is that pattern that the producers continue to work off of.

Country singer?  Sara Evans becomes Billy Ray Cyrus.  Check.

Former teenage television heartthrob?  Mario Lopez becomes 90210's Ian Ziering.  Check.

Athlete?  Emmit Smith is replaced by Laia Ali (Muhammad Ali's daughter).  Check.

Boyband?  Joey McIntyre becomes…Joey Fatone.  (Ok, Joey Lawrence wasn't in a boyband, but Drew Lachey and Joey McIntyre both were).


Now all they need is a comedy act to be thrown out in the first episode, an underdog to cheer (ala Jerry Springer), some sort of pop/rock singer (Master P / Willa Ford) and a couple of random actresses (Vivica Fox, Monique Coleman, Tia Carrere, Tatum O'Neal….)

Update! Apparently Heather Mills will be on the show as well. Heather Mills is the ex-wife of Paul McCartney, who also happens to have one leg.
Should be interesting to see how she comes across, since the divorce has made her look pretty bad.