[BlogEntry] Ok, now it's just getting scary. The earbuds are after me.

Came home from work today, and what is Elizabeth playing with?

Another pair of iPod earbuds.

?!?! That's just spooky. I'm looking at the things, which look exactly like the new pair I just bought, trying to remember when I'd brought them upstairs. I take them downstairs to my car…nope, my new ones are still sitting there.

That makes *5* pairs of these things.

At least I can account for this last pair — the kids really do have earbud headphones that came with some silly transistor radio they'd forgotten. But still, for a minute there I swear to god I though they were multiplying.

[BlogEntry] What's it called….

What's the name for that thing where you lose your ipod headphones (earbuds, actually), so you go out and buy a new pair (because you walk across town twice every day with them and you need something) for $20, but they're horrible, so you spend a week suffering with them (you can't return things that you stick in your ears, you ever try?) until finally you break down and buy another pair…

…and it's at this point that you think I'm gonna say "You find the original pair you thought you lost", right? Well, yeah. I did, right there in the garage.

BUT THEN I FOUND ANOTHER G$%^&*(D%^&N PAIR that I'd never seen before, sitting right in the junk drawer in the kitchen. That's like, irony squared or something. Alanis Morrisette's got me all confused about what that word's really supposed to mean.

So I now have:

  • One ipod
  • 2 sets of earbuds that were already in my possession
  • 2 sets of earbuds that I've just purchased for $20/per.

If I get one more pair I'm thinking about implementing a day of the week sort of thing. I wonder if I can convince Kerry that now I need to buy more iPods?