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thank god i found this song it has been bothering me since ive heard it i just love it so much i needed it!!!

[BlogEntry] American Idol 4/4/07 : Who Got Kicked Off?

What do you call the Tony Bennett style of music, is that Big Band? Stuff like "Mac The Knife" and "Stormy Weather." I've never loved this particular theme, they all come across like lounge singers. Phil especially.

Tony Bennett actually doesn't sing tonight, he has the flu. So he's replaced by Michael Boubl..boo…bubb…the Harry Connick lookin guy. How do you spell it? He actually gets in a shot to make a joke about still voting for Antonella Barba.

This week they do the "three groups of three" thing, but when they put Jordin, Melinda and Lakisha in one group you know that they're not going to pull a shocker and have one of them go home. The interesting story is that Sanjaya is in the middle group (with Blake and Chris), more on that in a second. The bottom group is Haley, Gina and Phil. At first I think Phil's going home since he doesn't have any sort of personality to warm up to, but then I remember that he's got a military background so that'll get him some votes. Sure enough he's safe. The question is whether it'll be Gina, who is the better singer, or Haley who is better looking. Turns out Haley's legs keep her around another week, and Gina totally breaks down when she has to go home.

Ok, so, back to Sanjaya. He's in the middle of the pack, which should hopefully put to rest the rumors that he's way out in front of everybody else because of all the rigging that's going on. He's not. Every season there's somebody that doesn't deserve to go as far as they do, and this is no different. He may go farther than others because he's gotten more press, but he won't win.

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Yeah, she is still dating him. 🙂

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Oh relax already. Check my facts? Like I actually care about the relative sizes of the venues he books? It's a blog post. I wrote it off the top of my head. He was on a show with Survivor, for heaven's sake. And American Idol also had Lulu and Peter Noone as guests, so it's hard to make the argument that being on either show says anything about somebody's drawing power one way or the other.

[BlogEntry] Buddhist Sand Art

If you haven't ever seen or heard of Buddhist sand "mandalas", they are really something to behold. They spend hours making a very finely detailed work of art entirely out of colored sand. Then they destroy it (with associated ceremony). One of the big points of Buddhism is to do away with your attachment to things, no matter how beautiful they might be or how much time or effort went into creating them in the first place.

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Josh Groban is indeed getting the same if not better booking he has been in the past. He is taking a small break from his almost sold out Awake tour, and since he lives in LA, is making appearances in the area. Two nights ago he was on Jimmy Kimmel, and later in April he will be on American Idol, the most popular show on television. Check your facts before you make that assumption.