[BlogEntry] Dancing With The Stars April 9, 2007

I've decided that I just can't keep up with blogging every single dance and every song, so I'll do my best to recap the highlights.

This week was Paso Doble and Waltz. Apolo is up first and after some kidding around about how they're so young and he's got more of a brother/sister thing going with his partner, they kill on the dancefloor and score big numbers. Except for Len, who's having a grumpy day and says their footwork stunk. I wonder if Bruno will come up with a 10 to make up for Len's attitude, but he doesn't.

Laila and Max get a horrible song to dance a paso doble to (something classical, 1812 overture or something? I recognize it but forget the name). I actually thought the dancing itself was quite good, but they get brutalized on the score. Funniest part is how Max apologizes for screwing up the tango last week by breaking the hold. "It was a mistake," he says. Mistake? You choreographed the routine, son. You put in a part that says "Ok, here we break the hold." What you meant was "I threw it in there hoping the judges wouldn't beat on us for it, but they did."

Clyde takes a beating from the judges who tell him he's not even trying anymore. Hypocrisy from Len who says "I can forgive bad footwork" after he said the opposite to Apolo.

Leeza is not destined to do a paso doble, she simply can't pull it off. Don't feel too bad for her, though, since she's pretty much doomed to go home this week no matter how she dances. Remember, it's the size of your fanbase, not the quality of your dancing.

Heather once again comes off looking very well, and this time the judges specifically point out that it's Jonathan's choreography that deserves all the credit. The standing spin thing in particular looked very cool.

Ian was completely forgettable to me this week, and I think that's entirely because Cheryl had her hair done in a very ugly way with her bangs up out of her face. She looked like a different person, and not a prettier one.

Jon Ratzenberger's mom (91) is in the audience, but he dances so badly that the judges look him right in the eye and say "We didn't know if you were going for laughs or not." That's gotta hurt.

Billy Ray Cyrus is such a bad dancer that he made Karina cry. The judges take pity on them with a good score to make her feel better. Scenes like that make me wonder if one week we're going to pan to the audience and see Mario Lopez out there cheering her on.

And then came Joey Fatone. With "no gimmicks this week" he pulls off a paso doble to rival Drew Lachey's "Thriller" classic, including a fairly nice leap in the air, and scores the first 10 of the season. I would think that easily makes him the one to beat.

This is not American Idol, and there is no Sanjaya. I expect Leeza to be gone this week. Clyde might have gotten the lowest score, but I think the audience gets more supportive in situations where they disagree with the judges (the whole "Clyde's not even trying anymore" thing). As Leeza learned last week, it doesn't matter if she dances her best, if the audience isn't behind her, it won't help.