[Comment] Re: American Idol : Lyrics to Home, by Chris Daughtry

Do you think he wrote it about going home from A.I

[Comment] Re: American Idol : SANJAYA Got Kicked Off April 18 2007

I feel sorry for him also. Watching him cry at the end of the show reminded me how young he is as well. At only 17 he has born the scorn of the nation. It is not his fault the judges passed him to the final round and then America voted him into the top twelve! I also do not think that he conspired to have people vote for him in the masses that they did. He was just along for the ride and I think people should give him a break. He handled it well considering the mixed signals he was getting from the nation. I mean, half of America loved him and the other half hated him! What would you do? In the beginning he actually sounded better than he did going out and I just don’t think he was ready for the caliber that American Idol requires. Give him a few more years and he will find his niche, even if it does happen to be a hair model! (There is no denying most of us would give almost anything to have his hair!)