[BlogEntry] American Idol : Country Week`

Can I tell you how much I hate country week? I was on cbs.com looking to see if I could find when Rockstar: INXS is coming back.

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[BlogEntry] Dancing With The Stars April 17, 2007 : Who got kicked off?

I don't know if I'm just extra busy at work or I'm just not into the shows like I used to be, but neither Dancing nor American Idol is really doing anything for me this season.

Dancing this week was actually pretty high end, with a number 10s including a perfect 30 for Apolo and Kim. And what do they highlight in the recap? Heather's "dramatic" fall. Dramatic? I had to rewind on Tivo because I missed it the first time. Right at the very end of their dance, for the pose, she actually stood on one leg. Problem was, it was the wrong leg and down she went. She brushed it off like "It happens to me every day, big deal," but the audience was all "I had tears in my eyes, that brave woman!" So I was left wondering if she did it on purpose.

Who did I say last week, John would be next? John's actually safe, and it's Clyde and Heather in the bottom two. That surprises me, I thought Heather would go farther than this. Clyde, if you missed it, was called "the worst dancer in the competition" this week. That's a bit rude, even if it's true. Somebody has to be. Clyde goes home. But does that mean Heather will be next? Does John, who was also tagged with "the best worst rhumba I've ever seen", have enough popularity points to start beating out the better dancers ala Sanjaya?