[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Six Premiere Quotes: My Mirror Image

what was that awesome song played on the finale last night (the last song) after the engagement party… i love it

[BlogEntry] And now, a camel

So tonight Katherine and I are playing 20 questions before she goes to bed. "I can make a camel with my leg Daddy," she tells me. Thinking that this is some sort of new dance move I ask her to show me. So she lays down on her back, bends her knee, and sticks her foot up in the air with her toes all scrunched together. "See?" she says, pointing to her knee, "There's where you ride, and my toes are his face."

"Who taught you that?" I ask.

"I thought of it myself," she says. Then she puts up the other leg in the same way and says, "See, you can have two of them. And if you put your hands up like this, you can ride them."

[Comment] Re: Blades of Glory

that movie was fricken hilarious…me an all my friends went to see it and loved it

[BlogEntry] Joke Missed

Today in a project meeting, the CTO said, "This project is priority #1.  All of our other projects are #2."

"That is a statement with a great deal of wisdom," I said, tongue firmly in cheek.

"Well, it's true," he said, and went on to explain how we had to keep flexible during the planning stages as we did not want to give the appearance that we are shortcircuiting particular business efforts without the appropriate analysis to back it up.

The thing is, I was just going for the easy toilet joke.


[BlogEntry] That Cloud Looks Like Shakespeare

I enjoy a good round of "cloud game" as much as the next guy.  It's not really a competitive game, it's just looking at the clouds and trying to see stuff.  If you're playing it with somebody, you try to convince the other person of what you've seen.  The more complicated the vision, the more satisfactory the playing.  I once saw an orchestra playing, complete with conductor, while people waltzed on a dance floor.  I was pretty amazed at how clear it was.

Last night on the train I saw something that immediately made me think, "Hey, that looks like a princess."  You could clearly see a body, some flowing hair and a big poofy ball gown.  I suppose that having two toddler girls, I'm becoming an expert in spotting things that look like princesses.  She was entangled up with another shape which didn't resemble a prince quite as well as she resembled a princess, but it was an obvious comparison to make.  What was interesting was that the way she was bent made it look like she was being pulled away from him in that classic "arms outstretched until only our fingers touched" movie moment.  But then, in a bigger cloud, I saw the reason.  Plain as day I saw a big ol' evil wizard, arm outstretched toward the happy couple as if dragging her magically away from him.

My next thought is probably a leap that only a Shakespeare Geek would make, but it immediately clicked – that's not a princess and an evil wizard, that's Miranda and Ferdinand, and the big magic dude is her dad Prospero.  From The Tempest.