[BlogEntry] Who gave the 5yr old all the best lines?

So yesterday at the birthday party, Katherine is sitting with Jack at a table with 12 little plastic chairs. Other kids are running around playing, but it's not like we have 12 kids here. "Daddy," asked Katherine, "Why did Mommy get so many chairs if there's not that many kids?"

"Because Mommy's a little crazy," I replied.

"That's ok Katherine," said Jack, "My mommy's a little cwazy too."

And yes he really did say "cwazy". Adorable little bugger. Earlier that day he'd told me he wasn't hungwy because he had a big bowl of waffles for bweakfast.

I did not think to ask him if he was tired from hunting wabbits (not that he would gotten the joke :)), but Kerry at one point did say to his mom "He sounds just like that guy that used to chase Bugs Bunny."