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this song was definitely one of the greatest songs ive ever heard in my etire life…this just makes me cry whenever it is played…so touching

[BlogEntry] On The Lot : I lasted about 30 seconds

I wouldn't even have tried this show if not for the fact that nothing else was on. This is the one that's about a bunch of amateur film makers (wasn't there something called Project Greenlight or something that was the exact same thing)?

Let me save you the trouble. It is an exact, and I'm talking word for word, clone of American Idol. Right down to the host saying things like "Random guy, your film was Replicate Me. The judges said this good thing, that, and the other thing. But did America agree? America voted, and….awkward pause….way too long pause…..they replicated what the judges said, you are safe. We'll see you next week."

I'm not joking. That is a transcription. The horribly long pauses for no reason, the recap of what the judges said, the punny reference to something personalized about each contestant. At one point she even did the "You'll find out….after the break" thing.

With something like 15 contestants to go through, it was just too painful to handle. I gave up.

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she deserve to win because she is THE AMERICAN IDOL

[BlogEntry] Buddha : The Movie

I just read a movie about the life of Buddha will be coming out in 2008. Apparently the Dalai Lama is some sort of adviser to the project which does not have any mention of Keanu Reeves or Richard Gere.

The movie will be based on the book Old Path White Clouds"" by Thich Nhat Hanh. Check out the reviews — 36 reviews, all but 2 of them 5 stars (even the other 2 are 3 and 4 stars, respectively). I've not yet read the book, but it seems that people like it.

In the "the universe has a sense of humor" department, I notice that the guy who wrote the screen play for this movie is David S. Ward. IMDB tells me that the last movie this guy wrote was called "Lucifer". Nice.

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It's breathing. If you listen closely you can hear a "r" sound. As for the "missing" verse that everyone was talking about American Idol seems to cut a lot of songs short because of time restraints, but the recorded version does have it, so everyone is right.