[Comment] Re: Scrubs Quotes : My Musical

Im a fan of Scrubs, musicals and Avenue Q. So this was like sex to me.

[Comment] Re: American Idol : Lyrics to Home, by Chris Daughtry

I lub dis song its'da bomb!! =]

Donna =]

[BlogEntry] Homeless Get Their Pizza

Ok, well, there's certainly room to be a little conflicted on this story about a deathrow inmate's desire that his last meal be given to the homeless. He wanted a vegetarian pizza delivered to "any homeless person nearby." The problem is that the prison said they wouldn't honor the request because they "don't donate to charity."

Well that apparently pissed off more people than just me, because $1200 worth of pizza was delivered to local homeless shelters by members of the community. Good for them. I particularly like the quote from one of the workers at the shelter who said that his reaction was, quote, "Wow, Jesus!"

At the top I said "much to be conflicted about" because let's face it, the guy (who has now been executed) did kill a cop. So it's not like he's a nice, upstanding member of society. And if, for his last meal, he'd said "Screw you, go give it to the homeless for all I care" then I would see the prison's position. But that's apparently not how it happened. So just because this guy is a bad guy, why punish him by depriving the homeless of food?

This news story actually worked out for the best, since the prison's rules require that a last meal be worth at most $20. Thus far it looks like close to 100x that much has been donated.