[BlogEntry] What's up with the referral resume spam?

Every day I get a couple of stragglers in my referrer logs where the URL is somebody's resume. I'm not quite sure what sort of moron you have to be to think that spamming your resume is going to get you jobs, but it's never really bothered me, I just blacklist them all. Today, all of a sudden, there are dozens of them. Not dozens of different ones, but dozens of hits from the same URLs over and over again. Not really sure what's up with that. All the same, they're all going in the blacklist. What I should really do is follow the link, get the email address and then put them personally in my blacklist just so that I'm sure never to hire them.

[BlogEntry] That's not the last time I'll hear that, I'm sure

Elizabeth gets up with the sunrise. Katherine needs a small explosive set off in her room. We try to let her wake up on her own, but on a school day there comes a point of no return where I have to go wake her up if she's going to make it out the door. So this morning I come in to her room, turn the lights on, open the shades and say, "Wake up, sweetie. School today."

Zombie-like, she sits up and begins rubbing her eyes. "Daddy?" she says in a very quiet, sleepy voice. "Do you think maybe when you come in to wake me up you could just turn on the light a little bit, at first?"

That's one of those moments where you future flashes before your eyes, and I can picture her at about 13 pulling the pillow over her head and mumbling "5 more minutes!!"