[Comment] Re: Scrubs Season Six Premiere Quotes: My Mirror Image

if u didnt find the song out yet, its "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional

[BlogEntry] Cops Arrest Lifesize Lara Croft Cutout (and then keep her??)

Too good to pass up is this story about the police breaking into someone's house because they saw the silhouette of an armed figure in the window. The problem was that the silhouette was a lifesized cutout of videogame heroine Lara Croft that the homeowner, a videogame store employee, had taken home to sell on ebay.

The figure remains "impounded as evidence". The homeowner , who is apparently waiting to find out if he'll be charged with anything (ummm…like what?) is trying to decide whether to sue for wrongful arrest. Personally I think it's silly but I'm not really sure that he has to go running for the lawyers. The story does NOT take place in the United States, so he may not overreact.

[BlogEntry] "Kid Nation" : Have these people not actually read Lord of the Flies?

CBS is planning a kids' version of Survivor, dubbed "a reality take on Lord of the Flies""."

In the show, kids 8-15 will inhabit a ghost town (rather than an island) with no parental supervision. They will be expected to choose leaders, and make decisions about things they need (food, shelter) versus things they want (Nintendo). There will be no mandatory eliminations, and each week someone will be chosen for a reward.

It's the Lord of the Flies reference that bothers me. Has no one read this book? It does not turn out well for the children. Though I suppose if the producers are smart they'll get in a reference to somebody sharpening a stick at both ends. That'll have em glued to the seats.

Update: This post is old. Check out More on Kid Nation!