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Good lyrics. Good song.

Perhaps Chris wrote this song way too early in his career… or did he think this is the end of his career?

[BlogEntry] American Idol May 9, 2007 : Who Got Kicked Off?

I think I may have disliked BeeGees week more than I hated country week. The songs really just do nothing for me, and it didn't help that everybody butchered them. The most interesting scene of the night was trying to figure out what sort of work Barry Gibb had had done to make him sound like Sean Connery.

Anyway, it's down to 3 as Lakisha is sent home. She doesn't seem too upset about it. As Simon says, somebody has to go. At this point they're all very good singers.

As always, if you're looking for the lyrics to the song they play at the end, it's "Home" by Chris Daughtry and the lyrics are available right here. Enjoy.

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thanks vettegirl. If everybody's got the same line wrong, though, how are you sure that yours is correct? I have the liner notes down stairs in my wife's car, if I ever get down there when I'm doing the blog I'll have to check it out.

[Comment] Re: Dancing with the Stars May 1 : Who Got Kicked Off?

Eh, to each his own. Not like Shakespeare's on tv every day, ya know. Gotta have a variety of interests. I'll take music and dancing over most generic sitcoms, law and order shows and CSI clones.

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I absolutely love this song (it reminds me of my boyfriend-he's going to college in another town far away from mine), but I noticed on the lyrics posted above that one line is wrong. It's not "but your love, it makes true"; it's "but your love remains true". And it seems like every lyrics site I've visited has posted that same wrong line.

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New watch it, not interested, how lame can a TV show get. Can't understand how anyone who has Shakespeare on his Website can be interested in a show about dancing. How about a play by play on a Golf match.

[BlogEntry] Armless Driver Escapes Police

BoingBoing has this very linkable story about a man with no arms and only one leg escaping the police. If I cared about Digg.com I would say "dugg for" the following things:

  • Deliberate use of "out run" in a story about a one-legged man.
  • His name is "Wiley". Gotta be a headline in there someplace, like "Wily Wiley Escapes Police" or something.
  • Quote from his "longtime acquaintance" who calls him "The worst person I've ever met." Nice friend.
  • He's wanted for "kicking a state trooper and attacking his wife headfirst." Quick! Somebody quote the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail! But seriously, folks, after the one-legged man had kicked the state trooper wouldn't he, you know, have fallen down? How much momentum could he really get behind the kick? And just how fast was he able to get back up that the troopers didn't just pig pile on top of him?

Be sure to check out the comments on the original post, too. Not just for the number of times somebody says, "What, this guy again???" (apparently he is a regular feature?), but for the absolutely atrocious spelling and grammar used.

[Comment] Re: Correcting Daddy, Very Politely

Why am I LOL at that one? That was funny.