[Comment] Re: American Idol : This Is My Now Lyrics

i agree that she was too young. i dont think she'll be able to handle all the stress and stuff. and i think maybe she should of at least finished school before she started a "career"

[Comment] Re: Scrubs Quotes : My Conventional Wisdom

what is the title of the last song played in this episode

"no, no, no! i won't let them take you…"

[Comment] Re: National Bingo Night : I Like It

I would think that legally there must be, that's always in the fine print of these contests so you can prove that they're not being fixed. But I have no idea if it would be worth the trouble to find out.

What was neat, if you saw the show, was the lady in the middle (white) game won her game so fast (only drew 7 balls) that they knew nobody at home had won, so they asked her to keep drawing balls out. So there's a neat technical question there of how they knew that. They know ahead of time, regardless of how many tickets were actually printed, how many of each they generated.

[Comment] Re: National Bingo Night : I Like It

Is there a way to find out how many people actually won bingo at home?

[Comment] Re: On The Lot : I lasted about 30 seconds

I have to agree! I watched onthe lot and I did not like it! Me and my friend both love Americain Idol, though! I probably brike your 30 record, though! I watched ine whole episode!