[BlogEntry] Ex-Wives Club : How do these things even get made?

Now that summer reruns are upon us, Kerry and I are scanning the new shows to see if there's anything worth watching. Remember, Dancing with the Stars was originally a summer show.

Last night we found "Ex-Wives' Club", which could have been some sort of reality show, or perhaps something vaguely in the Desperate Housewives camp. On at 9pm, after all, on a major network.

It turns out to be Queer Eye for the Straight Guy meets The View meets Every Other B-List Celebrity Reality Show. Three "ex-wives", namely Marla Maples (once upon a time, Mrs. Donald Trump), Shar Jackson (baby mama to Mr. Britney Spears himself, Kevin Federline), and Angie Everhart (engaged to Sylvester Stallone, but did she ever marry him?) are now the experts who are going to help people who have just gone through nasty divorces. On the first episode we have a woman who gained 80lb due to medication and had her husband walk out on her, and a guy who came back from Iraq to literally find a naked man in his bedroom closet with his wife.

So they do some scream therapy to get out the anger, then a makeover, and you can sort of see where it goes from there.

What a horrible, horrible show. How it possibly got a 9pm slot I'll never understand, there are shows exactly like this on at like 10am in syndication (something about a recovery house or something? I know I've seen such a thing). And who in god's name made those three women experts in how to put your life back together? Shar Jackson doesn't even merit the "I married somebody famous" status line, she's down in "I married somebody who went on to marry somebody famous" land. Angie Everhart appears to have been married for 3 months. And Marla…isn't she basically famous for getting screwed in the pre-nup agreement?

Awful idea. I give it about 2 episodes.