[Comment] Re: American Idol : This Is My Now Lyrics

yeah whatever im sorry to for saying
"a**" =p and emily can you say suck up
and for your information im not some bleach blonde airhead i actually know what im talking about
and you dont think people voted for jordin cause they think shes "hot"
*barf* and im not just saying that blake should of won because hes hot he was more talented and better and jordin is an annoying priss

[BlogEntry] First Born Boys Are Smartest?

Lots of news coverage about the Norwegian study that says firstborn children are smarter than their siblings, by a few IQ points. I'm not sure if this is just political correctness gone wild or people just don't read stories anymore, but the study focused exclusively on boys, and what it reported is that the first born *boy* (or is it "boys who are the first born" which is not the same thing) is the smartest. I wonder if the people writing the headlines are afraid to write that for fear of being tagged sexist?

Since the study focused entirely on men, it is essentially useless as far as I can tell. My eldest son is actually my youngest child. So what does that mean? Does it mean that he'll supposedly be the smartest? Or that, since this study did not include girls, that my two older girls are just as likely to be smarter than him? Is it safe to say "Boys and girls are the same, so everything they said for boys really applies to both genders"? It would be sadly shortsighted to think so.