[Comment] Re: National Bingo Night : I Like It

Hey guys …

The show is pre-taped. Therefore, NBN already knows what the winning numbers are before any cards are printed. They are aware, before the show ever airs, exactly how many winning cards there will be in circulation. It's actually more like a scratch-off game … the end result is pre-determined.

However, in the game you're talking about, there was mathematically not enough balls called to create a winner. There has to either be 5 of one group (B – I – N – G – O) or one in each group (except N which is a free spot). There hadn't been a B called … which meant there literally coult NOT be a bingo called.

That's really frustrated me the last couple weeks … because there are times that they have cut to the referee/judge guy and ask, "Do we have a bingo?" HUH? Of COURSE we don't have a bingo … there haven't been enough balls drawn out yet!

I think I've played WAY too many games of bingo over the years … haha 🙂