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I feel the people who dumped gasoline in the lake should be prosecuted.

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i was there i saw when sullivan hit chris in the back with a hammer and he also did
it to his family then he hung benoit and then choked benoit family

[BlogEntry] Wait…you can say that to coworkers?

Today it had to be 95degrees outside. A very muggy, hot, humid, nasty day. As I get into the elevator there are already two people aboard, a young lady wearing a denim jacket (!), and an older gentleman who must have been a coworker because they were already engaged in conversation.

"Should have left the jacket at home," she says, "but the purse doesn't match the shirt." Or something to that effect, I have no clue about such fashion things.

"You look hot, but you look hot," says the coworker who looked nearly 20 years her senior.

I'm not sure what bothers me more, the idea of saying "You look hot" to a coworker (can you do that??) or that I'm not sure which hot referred to how uncomfortable she was and which one referred to how attractive she looked. Or if they were interchangeable.

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i think theres a conspiracy, what kind of family emergency they are into that makes chris just fly back home and leave the VENGEANCE? first eddie, then chris whose next rey? if that happens then theres really a big conspiracy going on and it started with eddie's case.

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I seen somewhere eles that they contected a lady on wensday.did you use the free space to get your bingo or did you have the n

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We did too, Cheryl – that same game. When nobody called us, we threw out the card. Hope nobody calls now! 🙂

The winners for the 6/22 game are not posted on the website, though, so I do wonder if they aren't done contacting people yet. Who really knows.

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Hi I got a bingo in blue june 22 the last game and nobody has called me nor have I got an email."IT WOULD BE NICE"

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I think that someone not chris killed his wife and child i mean i ve seen chris wrestle for a long time and he dosen't seem to be like the kind of guy that would do something like that and I do think that chris killed himself after seeing his wife and child dead he probly thought he had no other reason to live than the wwe. but where ever you are chris R.I.P.

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this is the saddest news to me, i am a big fan of Benoit's and had the greatest respect for what I saw of him as a wrestler. This is so unbelivable it is uncomprehendable.whatever happened is a great loss for his family, the wrestling world and his fans.