[Comment] Re: Scrubs Quotes : My Conventional Wisdom

the song from that episode is alive with the glory of love by say anything.

[BlogEntry] My family needs to watch more movies

One morning this past weekend I'm down one end of the hall making a bed. I hear my wife, at the other end of the hall in our bedroom yell, "Are you out there?"

"Yes," I replied, heading back her way.

"He's coming to get you," she said, referring to my son who I notice is crawling down the hallway in my direction.

So I immediately did what any geek dad would do, I dropped down onto the floor so my face was even with his and said in my best Sylvester Stallone growl, "Murdock….I'm coming to get you!"



"Aw come on! Rambo II? Anybody?" I then went about explaining to Kerry the whole scene in Rambo II where he's been sent over to the enemy and he's there in the radio room, surrounded by bad guys, talking to the "good" guy who sent him over there in the first place. "Just tell us where you are," says Murdock [the supposed good guy], "And we'll come get you."

"Murdock," Rambo says, tightening his grip on the microphone that's about to become a weapon, "…I'm coming to get you!" And then in true Rambo style he kills all the bad guys, and then of course goes back home to give Murdock what's coming to him. Classic.

Kerry waits for me to finish and says, "You like that kind of movie?" and goes downstairs with the kids.

Well….no, I don't *like* that kind of movie. I actually find that kind of movie relatively stupid. But it is a very *quotable* movie, and that's not the same thing at all. I mean, dear god, Predator is not a good movie, but it might be the greatest, most quotable guy movie ever made. Right up there with Die Hard. Why did I have to have daughters first? How many years before I can watch movies like that with my son?