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while it was true that His Holiness the Dalai-Lama was eating a little meat on his personal physician's advice thirty years ago, for the last few years His Holiness as well as all the head of the four Tibetan schools are advocating for Buddhist to be vegetarians..
And one should be aware that for a Tibetan refugee the meaning of "eating meat" is NOT eating a 300 grams steak at every meal.
When you live in a Tibetan monastery in India you can see with your own eyes that "eating meat" means only having a few small pieces of mutton in your soup. (tibetan name thoukpa)
So one should NOT think that the meaning of "eating meat" for a Tibetan refugee is the same as "eating meat" is to your average US Citizen

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Google Regal Lager Red / Black BuggyBoard Basic

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Here's the latest update on Anecia – Last Year's Winner

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Hey everyone, be nice. This is a family blog you're on, kindly tone down the language. I'd rather not disable comments altogether if I don't have to, but the most recent thing you post shows up on the front page and I'd rather not have the cursing.


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Um, excuse me? I don't know shit? First of all anyone who says that is denying the fact that I'm smarter than them. Second of all, by the looks of most of these other entries, i sound smarter than most of you who don't even have facts to back up your stories. Maybe you should repeat pre-school, go to kindergarten and then tell me that I don't know what I am talking about. At least I'm not some bleach-blonde-oh-mi-god-i-love-blake-cuz-he's-hott
airhead. I know what I am talking about more than you will ever know because the information hasn't even made it to your brains yet. Whoever wants to challenge me on this, bring it on!

[BlogEntry] The Dalai Lama's "Rider"

The "rider" is a document often associated with musicians that dictates what sort of amenities they demand backstage. Some classics include things like "a big bowl of M&Ms with no yellow ones".

The Dalai Lama's requests are a little more humble.

  • He prefers flowers in happy colours and in particular green. Although unlike Smarties – he doesn't like red ones.
    That is a weirdly constructed sentence – does that mean that he specifically requests Smarties candy in his rider? Is it red Smarties or red flowers that he does not like?

  • His luxurious room at Brisbane's Sofitel was to be magazine-free, there were to be no incoming calls and all alcohol removed from the mini bar – that's for religious reasons, not because of how expensive they are.Makes sense, except I don't understand the magazine thing. Calls could interrupt meditation, and alcohol is a temptation, but magazines? Does he have a thing for Paris Hilton stories where he just can't help himself?
  • No alcohol was to be consumed in his presence at functions and as for his meals, he also doesn't eat after 1pm.I actually knew this from an earlier story. Apparently he's quite the big eater when he does eat, which would make sense if he has to go the next 16 hours without any additional food.
  • The Dalai Lama is a vegetarian and does not eat eggs, he likes to eat solo and and his preferred choice of beverage is still mineral water.I do not think that he is a vegtarian. I have heard other reports that he eats veal, and has claimed that doctor's tell him meat is good for him, something having to do with a liver condition. I've also read reports that call him to the carpet for hypocrisy on that point.
  • His favourite dish is momos, which are Tibetan dumplings (recipe not supplied). Recipe easily searched.