[BlogEntry] Overheard Between Parties

Today we had two birthday parties for the kids' friends, and then guests coming over. So while I'm shuttling them between parties in the minivan I ask, "So Sarah and Brian are coming over tonight, is anybody excited?"

"Yeah!" I hear behind me, followed by "Sarah and Brian are who now?"

[BlogEntry] Will I Never Learn?

So last week I'm sent to do the food shopping by myself, which is a treat because it's quite an easy chore when you're given a list, and no kids in tow. I notice that Kerry has written "hand soap" on the list, which is odd because we use one of those pumps attached to the kitchen sink that uses refillable jugs of the stuff and I know we're not out. I wonder if she means dish soap, but I see that she has written dish soap on the list as well. So, I pick up hand soap and dish soap.

When I go home and we're unpacking the groceries I ask, "Why did you say we need hand soap?"

"I didn't," she says, "We need dish soap."

"Well you wrote that down too, you wrote down both."

"No I didn't."

Right about here I'm sure that I have this victory well in hand. I mean, I have the list! I even tell her this in an attempt to let her save herself. "How can you disagree with me?" I ask, "I have the list in my pocket. Don't make me show you."

"Let me see it."

I show her the list containing both hand soap and dish soap, and wait for the concession. "I only needed dish soap," she says.

"So you acknowledge that you did, in fact, write down hand soap?"

"All I needed was dish soap."

She walks away and I'm left doing my impersonation of a motor boat. "But but but but….."

[Comment] Re: American Idol : Lyrics to Home, by Chris Daughtry

i absolutely luv this song…chris rocks!