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I love this song…!!! i love u chris you are the best!!! and the song is wonderful, i listened in american idol and i'm in love with that song.

your fan "yari from panama"

[Comment] Re: "Kid Nation" : Have these people not actually read Lord of the Flies?

when does the show start

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Thanks Bill! I learn something new every day :).

Now, does anybody know the deal on the Smarties? 🙂

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His Holiness, like most people who value human relationships over tradition, will eat meat if it is served to him in good faith.

Since I follow the same principles, here is an example. I come to your house for dinner. You do not know that I am a Buddhist and vegetarian. You serve me a steak. Because I value your personal comfort and friendship more than a beef that has already been killed, and that was not killed for my personal benefit, I will eat (and enjoy) the steak.

If, however, you knew of my preferences and served meat anyway, I might or might not be offended depending on the circumstances, but I would pass on the steak. Like most things, it's a matter of intent — and the Middle Way. There is no need to be extreme; it gains nothing, and causes unhappiness.

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Thanks for the info! Do you know if "advocating vegetarianism" means that he is now, in fact, a vegetarian? Because just a few weeks ago there was a story about him visiting some restaurant (and a funny story about the chef meeting him on the stairs and having to walk backwards up them so that they would not cross paths). In that story they specifically said he had the veal.

Please note I'm in no way trying to disparage the man, just commenting on what I'm reading and trying to put it all together.