[Comment] Re: American Inventor : Everything Is Going To Be All Right

There's a fun and detailed recap and tons of photos for anyone interested at http://inventorspot.com/american_inventor_episode_201

[BlogEntry] Woman Arrested for Making Faces at Police Dog

Wait, what?

In Vermont, a woman was arrested for making faces at a police dog. Apparently she was drunk, and she walked up to the police car window where the dog was waiting inside and began "staring at him in a taunting manner." Then, when she pulled away from officers, they threw on a charge of resisting arrest as well as "cruelty to a police animal."

Charges were, of course, later dropped.

I'm disappointed that all we get for a description is "stared in a taunting manner." As they say on digg, "Video or it didn't happen." I mean, come on, did she do that thing where she sticks her thumbs in her ears and wiggles her fingers? Or maybe that old "Do that too much and your face will stay like that" face where you pull down on your eyes and push up on your nose? Eyes crossed? Tongue out? What kind of reporting is this??? I need a visual!

The problem with this story is that the officers responded entirely in an incorrect way. What they should have done was opened the car door and let the police dog fight his own battles.