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how much for the doll

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how much are the Everything is going to be alright dolls because i would really like to buy one

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Ok, I am psyched for the new season of American Inventor. The worst thing about last season was the whole "sob story" aspect, where if you didn't waste your life on your idea you didn't go on to the next round. Ridiculous.

This year they've got 3 new judges – George Foreman, Pat Croce, and the woman who started Spanx whose name I will have to go look up. Plus we brought back Peter, the mean guy from last year.

And it's obvious, in the first 15 minutes, that George Foreman is going to be the center of attention. He's the "yes" man to everything, but he also just likes to talk ("I drive a Rolls Royce", "When I told everybody I was gonna be the Champ they laughed at me, too…") So, basically, he's replacing Doug Hall who was far from a "yes" man, but he was the talker of the bunch who never knew when to shut up.

The "everything is going to be all right" guy is back! Good for him, not giving it up. Still being shown as a wacko, but hey. Now he's got twins (which he named Peter and Simon, nice). He's even got a baby doll! To his credit, last year when he was on I did get lots of people looking for the thing. And yes, you can already buy them (for $69.99, apparently, if that's still the price). He gets through this year! Good job. What's he going to do with $50k, though, I have no idea.

Oh, god, they end with a firefighter, dressed in his gear, surrounded by his family, telling stories about seeing children die. Ya think he's going through? I do, without even seeing his invention. So much for not having the sob stories this season. It appears to be an angel for sitting on top of the tree that turns into a sprinkler when it senses that the tree might be on fire. Be interesting to see if it is technically feasible, since he doesn't know for instance when exactly it will go off, how long it will take and so on. It could be the case that in a real situation the whole thing just melts completely and doesn't work.

And that's it for this week. Only one obvious sob story. I actually thought the "auto napkin" lady would have gone through – hey, it was about on a par with the bathroom clip from last year – but I don't think her pitch was good enough. She needed some velcro or straps or something else that took it beyond just "I unfolded a napkin over myself."

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it's Jordin

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People who liked Blake better just because he's cute and hot are morons! I know that he was the best "performer" but that has a totally different meaning from best "singer". This is why America is spending more time voting on the next American Idol than the next American President! It has become a popularity/looks comparison. Anyway, aside from the people who truly deserve their big break and have talent, there are people who don't even belong on this show. They just put them there to satisfy the obese American population. Jordin and Blake really worked hard towards their goals, which I understand. But this is a singing competition not"who can make america drool the most".

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I'm not really disputing whether or not the people were helped, I'm picking on the whole concept for its entertainment value. The show is on at 9pm on a major network, so it has to compete with everything else that is out there and what I'm saying is I don't see how anybody thought that it would really work. You've admittedly got 3 nobodies for the stars of the show, who do none of the actual helping, they just stand around and host. All of the makeover concepts, hiring personal trainers, new clothes, new hairstyles, etc… has all been done before. But you know what? If at that point it were just a makeover show and they said "Congratulations, we put you back on your feet, enjoy your new life" I'd put it in the category with all other makeover shows and say "Hey, whatever, more power to you."

But look at the woman who got dumped in that episode I watched – is that the one you know? Half the show was dedicated to parading her in front of her ex-husband, making him drive her to her date and then showing him videotape of her saying "I've never been happier." What's the point of that, exactly? Is that closure? Or is that supposed to be entertaining to the audience? If the whole moral of her story was "Haha, see what you missed? Look at me now! I hope you're jealous and want me back, because you can't have me!" then I think the point was perhaps missed a bit.

Thanks for writing. I'm glad your friend got something out of the experience. I wish I could tell her that it was riveting television, but it wasn't. That's all I'm saying.

P.S. – The show made it sound like she got married 6 months after she got her makeover. I'm hoping that's not true – sounds a little fast to jump back into the game after such a horrible experience.

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he is a fine singer man. he rocks our community ya he is a rocker rock on man!

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Funny, but I happen to know the female star of June 4th's episode personally (incedentally, this wasn't the "first" – it was the second) – and I'm here to tell you, that show changed her life.

I'm sorry for you that you appear to have this reigning bout of negativity – maybe you got suckered in to Extreme Home Makeover before realizing that more than half those people wound up having to sell their homes because they couldn't pay the taxes… Or maybe YOUR life is perfect enough that you don't need help (though I'm not so sure about that).

But to bash something like this – without putting yourself in those people's shoes (yes, I know Marla, Shar, and Angie are odd choices, but what about the real people?) shows nothing but your lack of sincerity and sympathy for others.

Oh yeah, and Debbie Ford is the one who helped them out in terms of emotional repair and growth – not the celebrity "exes". Debbie's QUITE qualified.

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i really like jordin….