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[BlogEntry] A Sure Way To Not Get My Business

Going through the mail today I find a blank white envelope. Opening it I quickly see "Customized Mortgage Quote…" and rip it up.

But wait. Something caught my eye. I put the pieces back together and looked again:

Customized Mortgage Quote for the Morin's

In case you're not seeing it, there shouldn't be an apostrophe s there. It's Morins, plural. The way it's phrased, that should read "for the Morin's mortgage" or some other possessive.

Yeah, I trust my mortgage with companies that make mistakes like that. Good job, Nancy Johnson of Wholesale Home Lenders. I'm not going to bother listing their URL.

[BlogEntry] WWE : Not even in the storylines

As you can tell, I got a little overloaded with the Benoit news and decided that it was too depressing to keep writing about every little detail. Several times I've tried to write something to sum up the story, but nothing seems adequate.

Meanwhile, sometimes it's nice to get a little smirk or even a smile. I love to read my referrer logs from the search engines. Most, of course, are variations on "chris benoit", sometimes spelled "benwa" like the ball :). One of the more unusual ones, though, was "chris benoit killed kevin sullivan." That's…different. For starters, Kevin Sullivan is alive and well and has been interviewed a few times regarding the story :). I think perhaps they meant it the other way around, as I have seen several people trying to tie Kevin Sullivan (Nancy's ex-husband) to the murder.

Even in the storylines back in the day, I don't recall Kevin Sullivan ever actually killing anybody. I do remember him raising a couple of people from the dead, and having a stable of bizarre, satanic creatures to do his bidding (of which Nancy was one, by the way, playing "Fallen Angel" and eventually "Woman"). But as a general rule, pro wrestling storylines never got into fake death. Ironically, of course, that's exactly what Vince McMahon was doing just a couple of weeks ago, and in the span of that time two wrestlers (Benoit, but also Sensational Sherri Martel) have died.

[Comment] Re: WWE : Benoit Almost Certainly Murder/Suicide; Details "A Little Bizarre"

why did he do it, that was a stupied thing to do.I allways thought he was a really cool guy!

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

Personally, I don't think he did it. The whole thing just doesn't make sense. First off, everyone who knew him said he loved his kids and family meant a lot to him. Second, the pattern and the delays between killings doesn't fit someone who was in a fit of rage.

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[Comment] Re: Ex-Wives Club : How do these things even get made?

I feel the people who dumped gasoline in the lake should be prosecuted.

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

i was there i saw when sullivan hit chris in the back with a hammer and he also did
it to his family then he hung benoit and then choked benoit family

[BlogEntry] Wait…you can say that to coworkers?

Today it had to be 95degrees outside. A very muggy, hot, humid, nasty day. As I get into the elevator there are already two people aboard, a young lady wearing a denim jacket (!), and an older gentleman who must have been a coworker because they were already engaged in conversation.

"Should have left the jacket at home," she says, "but the purse doesn't match the shirt." Or something to that effect, I have no clue about such fashion things.

"You look hot, but you look hot," says the coworker who looked nearly 20 years her senior.

I'm not sure what bothers me more, the idea of saying "You look hot" to a coworker (can you do that??) or that I'm not sure which hot referred to how uncomfortable she was and which one referred to how attractive she looked. Or if they were interchangeable.

[Comment] Re: WWE : Chris Benoit Died? What the????

i think theres a conspiracy, what kind of family emergency they are into that makes chris just fly back home and leave the VENGEANCE? first eddie, then chris whose next rey? if that happens then theres really a big conspiracy going on and it started with eddie's case.

[Comment] Re: National Bingo Night : I Like It

I seen somewhere eles that they contected a lady on wensday.did you use the free space to get your bingo or did you have the n